Best Dry Shampoo!

This is the BEST dry shampoo I have EVER used! Everyone needs this in their lives. It adds so much volume, and makes your hair look so refreshed and clean! It also smells wonderful - added bonus! Trust me, your hair will THANK YOU!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Herbal Essences Bio: Renew Dry Shampoo- volume, white grapefruit &… Continue reading Best Dry Shampoo!

Life & Diary Entries

Early Morning Thoughts // Diary Entryย 

I wrote this while I was sitting in my living room this morning. Drinking my warm cup of coffee, which is my little cup of joy, and just getting lost in my own thoughts. While I sat there around 5:30am two hours before I would leave for work, I realized that this moment, this moment… Continue reading Early Morning Thoughts // Diary Entryย 

Adventure & Travel

I stumbled on a hidden gem, that is Golden!ย 

Hello everyone! Yesterday, my friend and I took her baby and went on a little trip. We went on a tour of a Palace of Gold. It was amazing to see what the people created for their religion. On the tour they explained how the palace was built, how mostly everyone learned a new trade… Continue reading I stumbled on a hidden gem, that is Golden!ย