Life & Diary Entries

Morning Thoughts, Friendship. // Diary Entry

As I sit here on my couch this morning, it is 05:54 am and my thoughts are running. I hear the birds chirping, and my cat is running around being adorable. I am drinking my fresh pot of coffee before work, and oh man is it good today. I can’t help but think of friendships as I scroll through social media, friends who are only friends sometimes to me. I say sometimes, because sometimes it feels they only are my friend when it benefits them. They don’t just text me, text me to see how I am doing, or to hangout. I always am the one to text them, and it gets old, fast. I want to see people, really seeing people, hanging out, grabbing food, or simply sitting on my couch drinking wine, it just is so nice sometimes. But thinking of this is when I always realize that we all tend to put others or be put on the back burners with friendships.l at some point. This has been something that has been weighing on my heart lately. We get so busy in life, and during my coffee time this morning, I wanted to share my thoughts. Friends, they all have lives and I get that. It is easy to fall into thinking of how we aren’t good enough because they aren’t keeping up with me, putting in effort, or oh they are busy too that’s why they don’t text me. But my focus is on friends today, friendships. As we grow older we realize who our friends are, who we are compatible with. Our friend group shrinks, but those relationships get so much stronger, because they are making an effort to be in your life. My best friend and I have been talking about this a lot recently. My best friend texts me out of the blue, tags me in funny memes on Facebook, talks to me about her life, and asks about mine. It is a mutual friendship with us both putting in the effort to make it a good one. It’s nice to know you have a friend who is a genuine friend. This friendship is hard to come by now sadly. People don’t want to put effort in. We talked about how we are getting sad about how people get so busy they forget about us, or ignore us. I think we now realize that this isn’t okay, we deserve more. We deserve a friendship that grows because of the happiness it shares. Life is not always sunshine and rainbows, and that is why friends are there. To walk with you through life, to laugh and cry with you. And it is okay to be picky about who gets to see and share that part of you. It is okay to get sad about a friendship that you can see won’t last much longer. It is okay to get sad about a friendship that you do not think the other person cares about. It is okay to feel the way you feel. What I am saying overall for this is, it is okay to realize you deserve more out of a friendship, and it is okay to be picky. Because you deserve MORE. You deserve a great friendship, someone to be there for you and you for them. Choose your friends wisely, because we all deserve great ones. 


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