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Communication // Diary Entry


When in a relationship I am the first to admit I do jump to conclusions. I can’t help it. I have terrible anxiety and it takes over sometimes. It makes me overthink and feel like my world is ending over the simplest thing. But let me tell you about my boyfriend, my amazing boyfriend. He is so patient with me. It takes me a few hours to build up the courage to speak what is weighing heavy on my heart, and I know it is not good to bottle up these emotions and question endlessly over something. But when I do get the courage to ask him something, he listens. Damn does he listen well too. He looks at me in the eyes and answers everything honestly. 


Communication is trust, faith in each other, and just respect. It shows you want to work on this relationship for each other! It might be hard to talk, it might be hard to gain the courage to ask, or talk, or even look at him, but if it bothers you, please talk with him or her. Communication matters. We are so easy to brush things off, me included. But we need to stop doing this, our relationships matter to us so we need to fight for them! 

I was beyond nervous to talk to him, and when I get nervous I laugh, smile, and bite my nails. It took me over two hours to finally ask what my heart felt. And I even asked him please don’t look at me, I am really nervous. And do you know what he did for me? He turned away and listened to me. Then when I was done he turned back eyes open wide, and spoke to me. He listened and then spoke with me patiently and we talked, we did not fight or yell, we just had a mature conversation about what we needed to talk about. And it felt GOOD. It felt so good to have someone who truly wanted me to understand and be happy. He didn’t just tell me what I wanted to hear and call it a day. We talked for a good while until we both felt it was good and worked out. Please communicate with each other. It will help ease your mind and take the heaviness from your heart. It might be hard, trust me I know, I shake and sweat during serious talks, but it is worth it. ❤️

Until next time xx. 


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