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Final Day // Puerto Rico

For those of you who are wondering, Puerto Rico is amazing. I cannot wait to come back! The food, music, people, atmosphere, and nature are all so wonderful and full of life. This place speaks to your soul, and it welcomes you. 

Side note: Make sure to wear sunscreen and re apply!!! I am so pale and used 30 SPF, BAD DECISION! I got sun poison and it was so itchy! If you want a picture of that please let me know, I did take a few so others can see and try to avoid it. At first I thought I was having an allergic reaction the Pacifica Bronzing sunscreen but it was just sun poisoning. 

Here are pictures from today. We ate at Boardriders for dinner- a hole in the wall place to eat and drink. There was a live band that was phenomenal and sounded perfect. The was so yummy also, I had the surfer burger and let me tell you, it was AMAZING! I also drank the bushwacker drink, it tasted like a coffee/chocolate milkshake. It was just perfect all around. 

My recommendation, use Yelp to find places to eat! We ate solely from Yelp recommendations and it worked PERFECTLY! 😊

This is not goodbye, it is until next time. Xx


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