Adventure & Travel

Day Five // Puerto Rico

Hello everyone!

Today is our last adventure day of this wonderful trip to Puerto Rico. On Sunday we are just relaxing and packing to go home for Monday. So for our final day, we decided to spend it Old San Juan! We went to three different happy hours and sampled different appetizers. I highly recommend doing this! You get to try so many different types of food and share with your family or friends which makes it more fun also! Here are pictures from our afternoon exploring, drinking, eating, and having fun! The stress in Old San Juan have so much history and personality. It really is a great experience.

SIDE NOTE: We went and did the kayaking yesterday to the Bioluminescent Bay, just a heads up the pictures you see online are NOT what you see when you go. It looks just like water but if you move your hand it makes it look like a FEW little lightening bugs glow. Tiny tiny tiny dots. The google pictures ARE NOT what you experience! Just wanted to let you guys know.


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